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Living at The Yard

by Reed Macfarlan

There is no denying the loss we felt when Rutgers announced that the grease trucks were being ripped from our hands, but what took their place was something none of us saw coming… The Yard. With the beautiful floor to ceiling windows, individual bedrooms complete with full (yes full, not twin), beds, brand spanking new appliances, and spacious bathrooms, it’s hard not to fall in love with this place. Another nice added feature to the building is the sky lounge on the 14th floor that overlooks the entire New Brunswick Skyline. Being lucky enough to be one of the first people to live in this magnificent place has been an interesting ride. I am slowly watching the place come to life with the opening of the various restaurants and stores underneath, the activities, and the usage of that GINORMOUS outside tv.

Let’s talk about the food. The first thing I would suggest you check out is Honeygrow. It’s a unique and healthier option where you get a choice of their menu OR create your own. I went and created my own stir-fry that I really couldn’t get enough. Next on my favorites is definitely Surf Taco. Surf Taco has other locations, including one in Long Beach Island and Bradley beach, so for some of you this probably wasn’t your first time. But if you have never had Surf Taco before, after reading this you should just run there. I am still awaiting anxiously for the Starbucks, The RU Hungry, and the House of Cupcakes. Yes, these are all coming. But for now, Jersey Mikes and Bella’s Burgers definitely add a great and diverse touch to the mix.

Now, how about that Jumbotron? I could not believe my eyes when I first saw it, and when I heard the Rutgers football games would be played on it, I nearly lost my mind. It’s awesome to walk home from classes and see the news or a TV show playing right up there. The reoccurring tradition made so far is the Wednesday movie nights. I remember he first week I moved in, the Wednesday movie night was Finding Dory and I knew I had to be there. The weeks following, Ferris Buellers Day Off, Grease, and Mean Girls have been shown. The most interesting use of it so far had to have been the presidential debate. Seeing everyone out on the yard, sitting on blankets, or out on chairs, watching those two debate was something else.

So what is the yard? The yard has done some spectacular things. This includes free giveaways from Dr. Pepper, Jersey Mikes, and House of Cupcakes, the Sunday weekly yoga @ 10:30 am, slam poetry night, salsa night, breast cancer awareness events, and even a DJ performance. It seems the yard never has a dull moment. Using the yard as a way to get people together, doing things they love, is an excellent usage of such a big change to campus. I am grateful to be one of the firsts to experience it and all that it really has to offer.

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